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Translation/ Interpretation Services

Cultural sensitivity and years of experience are what guarantees the quality of our translation services.
Our interpreters are adorned with reliability and personality. Knowledgeable in their respective fields and trained to communicate the original meaning of the speaker accurately.

Document Translation

Indokonnect’s expert translators deliver accurate and comprehensive translations of documents in all major business languages.

Indokonnect translation services are available for all prevalent business languages. Being passionately attentive to details, we ensure your translated document reads in the exact manner you intended. This is achieved by working with native speaking nationals within the country whose market you want to communicate with.

By taking this approach, we ensure that the translation retains the spirit and essence of the original content. All of our staff is experienced and highly qualified, typically holding a degree in their chosen source language and a post-graduate qualification in translation. Furthermore, we ensure that they have an understanding and insight into the subject matter of the translation. We have specialist teams to respond to a wide range of different industries, fields and services. Our translators work into their native language and abide by a stringent proofreading process. All final translations are then reviewed by a second post-graduate linguist, with additional checking and proofreading services available as well.

We employ language technology where appropriate, while our highly efficient translation project management system ensures we always meet the deadline. We also use the market leading SDL Trados® Studio software which makes sure that consistent terminology is used. Translations are delivered to you very easily: via email or through our client portal, as well as in a range of PC and MAC formats.

Need specialist translations? Never compromise when it comes to the quality of important documents; harness the expertise of our specialists to translate:

• Intellectual property documents

• Pharmaceutical documents

• Medical documents

• Engineering content

• Marketing materials

• Financial documentation

• Legal documentation

• Technical materials

• Business content

Website Translation & Localisation

If your business requires a multilingual website, you want to ensure that the tone, content and translations are accurately representing your brand across all languages. Indokonnect offers a full-service, highly advanced solution that will save you both time and money.

By working with market-leading technology that automates many of the typical steps involved in web globalisation and translation projects, we can minimise or completely eliminate the time that your developers and engineers must spend on localising your website.

Regardless of which content management system you use, Indokonnect can provide you with high quality human translation supported by effective technology, with the highest levels of security. If you would like a demonstration of how this could work for you, please contact us today at:

We specialize in a wide array of European and Asian languages.

Feel free to call us to discuss your specific requirements. We are able to translate most languages that our clients require.

Mobile App Translation & Localisation Services

Localizing your app is a very effective way of greatly increasing downloads. A recent study by Distamo showed that localizing the textual content of your app results in 128% more downloads and a 26% increase in revenue for each country added – within just one week of adding another country and language.

Globalizing your mobile applications can be quick and simple. At Indokonnect, we combine the highest quality professional translation services with powerful technology to make localizing your app a snap. Increase your downloads, today!

Language Project Management

Simplify your multilingual project.

Make use of our simple and quick solution to complex, multi-language projects.

Our highly qualified language specialists will work alongside you to ensure a consistent and appropriately positioned tone of voice. The aim is to deliver your messages as it was intended and positively impact your ability to sell to and communicate with all of your customers.

Indokonnect’s team will take your project from concept to final multilingual printed copy or website.

While a team of translators is working together to meet your deadline with quality content, the assigned project manager will ensure that individual members of the team understand the specific requirements of the project, as well as all pertinent information and terminology within the given field.

Proper management is vital in any project, which is why our team uses a translation-specific project management system to ensure that we never miss a deadline. Furthermore, we use the latest version of the market-leading SDL Trados Studio software which helps significantly improve translation quality.

Simultaneous Interpreters

This form of interpretation is an operation that demands a highly skilled interpreter. Simultaneous interpreting is conducted in a way where the interpreter relays the meaning in real time. This type of interpreting is commonly used at large multinational meetings where proceedings are interpreted with a slight delay. Interpreters usually speak into a microphone from within a sound-proofed booth while the interpretation is relayed into the delegate’s headset. Alternatively, at smaller events, a radio microphone and headsets can be used. This is exhausting work which puts the interpreter under a lot of pressure, thus the work is usually carried out by two interpreters working together.

Consecutive Interpreters

This means that the interpreter listens to a section of speech and then either summarises it or relays it literally in the listener’s language. This is commonly requested in one-to-one meetings and smaller groups or conferences. Consecutive interpreting is also commonly used in formal situations where the conversation is paused at intervals so that the interpreter translates one sentence or a short part of the speech at a time.

Our expert team of ad-hoc interpreters is disposed to assist you with all of your business’ requirements. Contact us today and we’ll get started right away.

Telephone Interpreters

Thanks to our global network of professional telephone interpreters, we are able to operate a prompt and readily available interpreting service. We harness the experience of the world’s very best language professionals, assisting organizations with cross cultural communication in the following sectors:

• Business

Financial reporting, contract negotiation, performance updates and much more

• Medical

Patient assessment and consultation, clinical discussions, training and a lot more

• Legal

Client liaison, dispute resolution, risk assessment and many other legal issues

Many organizations and companies find telephone interpreting to be a more convenient and cost effective solution than having an interpreter personally present, thus avoiding unnecessary attendance costs and travel expenses. The 24/7 telephone interpreting service we provide allows our clients to call at any time and present their requirements, resting assured that we will assign an experienced telephone interpreter to meet those requirements. Our telephone interpreters are subjected to the same rigorous selection process as all the other language professionals on the Indokonnect team. This service guarantees the same level of quality while helping you eliminate transport costs. All of our telephone interpreters are specially trained and experienced in their specific languages and fields. Telephone interpreters are also more likely to be available at short notice and deliver the service on the spot, since they don’t have to travel for the job.

Businesses in both the public and private sectors are increasingly making use of new technologies to deliver their translation services over long distances in a timely and cost effective fashion. Telephone interpretation is just one way of achieving this, with live video and online interpreting becoming more and more prevalent, particularly in the medical sector.

If your meeting or event requires consecutive translation services be provided over the telephone, feel free to contact us or request a quote today. Telephone interpreters are available in all the major business languages of the world.