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Market Expansion Services

Even the established companies in India are likely to face many challenges. When the going gets tough, and you feel you could use an outsider’s look and expertise on the issue at hand, it could be a good opportunity to improve your business. Indokonnect’s consultants have much experience in the Indian market and all related affairs concerning entrepreneurial subjects. Indokonnect’s team can assist you amid negotiations, contract discussions, business performance analysis and much more. We would be happy to guide your business through India and offer you a fresh perspective.

Supplier Search: India Sourcing Services: Identifying and contracting potential supplier on behalf of the client

Sourcing the right products and material for a competitive price can be challenging. When it comes to finding a reliable sourcing agent, it is about trust. You need to be able to trust your sourcing partner. What’s more, this is especially the case in the markets such as that of India, one of the largest production bases in the world.

During the past years, sourcing services have changed, and we have learned to evaluate and test production facilities in India, helping foreign clients to choose reliable and quality-orientated partners. Indokonnect focuses on:

• The identification and evaluation of the supplier
• Quality control
• On-site inspection

We find out whether your potential partner is qualified to manufacture up to par with your standards. If your prospective manufacturer is too far below your required standards, it could be very time consuming to get them up to speed.

Equally, if your potential partner is too large a business, and if you weren’t to make up a significant part of their business, you might not be able to get the attention you would like. You don’t want to be a low priority client for your supplier.

With our in-depth market know-how and experience in country-wide procurement, Indokonnect has successfully carried out a multitude of challenging sourcing projects across India for a wide range of products and components, including: electronics, fastenings, stamping parts, mechanical parts, electro motors, storage equipment and showcases, waterproofing materials and more.

Distributor Search: Identifying and contracting potential distributors on behalf of the client

Scouting and selection of potential partners: Indokonnect can scout the market on behalf of our clients for suitable distribution, sales and business partners in India, either pursuing a cooperation agreement and/or setting up a company together. After having found a partner, Indokonnect is able to assist and support its clients through negotiations in order to establish the most fruitful and beneficial business relationship.

Growth through Indian Talent acquisition and Development: Hiring, trainings etc.

Hiring the right people for you. Going through the intricate process of shortlisting applicants, conducting interviews, selecting and recruiting, is our way of ensuring you get the most capable of people on your staff.

Proper planning and evaluation of your requirements help us hire the right people for any role, and build a quality team for you.

Organisation Design: Drawing org structures, defining roles and responsibilities, job families, span of controls, etc.

Having the appropriate business structure is vital if any organization or business is to fulfill their goals and objectives.

Indokonnect will organize and distribute the roles and responsibilities from top to bottom of the company, in a way that ensures that both management and employees accomplish necessary tasks most efficiently, thus helping the enterprise harness the full potential of its staff.

Target operating model: Process controls, structures, supported by underlining technology platforms

Conducting monitoring and control of all your company’s processes is a valuable service that we offer. Having information concerning these matters at your disposal at any given time is crucial to achieving your targeted operating model. We provide useful reports concerning your company's performance in the market and the processes within your organization, subsequently using this information to consolidate, organize and otherwise improve your business structure. Indokonnect also has useful technology platforms at its disposal to further facilitate and improve these services.

Business Plan and Strategy: business growth plans and expansion strategy

Many established organizations with the typical start-up functional capabilities arranged, e.g. sales, marketing, or customer services, still have lot of room for improvement and would do well to set up process control, which has become a strategic necessity. Most of the outdated, passive and reactive processes and methods have long been justified by organizations on the basis that they still get things done.

Our strategic business planning suite is all about challenging the stale methodologies which can be replaced at little cost and make your organization’s future prosperous. We focus on doing a comprehensive assessment of how you do business compared to the best practices available, and establish the possible benefits of making changes. We reinforce and further clarify the specifics of the company’s strategic objective and, based on that, determine which processes would be most effective as we help develop a clear, transparent and promising business model. A projection of the impact of such measures and their results will be evident within months.

We work tirelessly to advise and equip our clients for the right improvement path and help them avoid any waste of resources, as we take upon ourselves all managerial decision making which can be very demeaning and affect the morale of the organization as a whole.

Product launch and positioning: Marketing support

Indokonnect will help you with the following:

Create press releases for the product launch-

Many companies use press releases to announce new products or upgrades to their existing ones. Press releases are most effective when the content is newsworthy (like a major product release) and they include a customer endorsement.

Conduct beta programs to elicit product endorsements that you can use at the time of the launch. When distributing press releases through a newswire agency, news outlets will often republish them, spreading awareness of your new release.

Reach out to the press-

Over time, your marketing team will build relationships with different journalists and press outlets. At the time of a product release, our team can reach out to the press to invite journalists to write about the new upgrade.

Update your website to announce new products-

Announce every new product or feature release on your corporate website. If you blog, then write about the new functionality and why it benefits customers. Anyone who regularly views your website will soon learn of the new upgrade.

Use advertising-

Advertising is another means of spreading awareness. This includes search-engine marketing (for example, buying Google AdWords) and other forms of advertising such as print or online advertising. .

Build demand-

Our marketing team can engage in the following types of activities to help generate demand for your product and create a sense of urgency for your potential consumers to buy.

Create email campaigns-

Email campaigns designed for existing consumers can help encourage their purchase decision. Follow-up these campaigns with a phone call to maximize effectiveness.

Create referral campaigns-

Use your existing customer base to generate additional leads through a referral campaign. Offer an incentive to your existing customers to refer a friend (for example, free maintenance for a year, or a gift). Because these new prospects will have had your product endorsed by a friend, the chance for you to close the sale is much higher.

Hold contests-

Hold a contest to collect contact information for prospects for a particular release. Set up contests prudently; make sure that you attract legitimate sales prospects, and not just anyone who wants to win the prize.

Attend Exhibitions-

Exhibitions enable you to connect with a targeted audience that wants to see solutions to their market problems. If used with care and good planning, tradeshows are a great way to generate leads and provide the required buyer response. Although these events may prove costly at times, their long-term boost to your market expansion will more than pay off.

Product positioning is critical as is positioning your startup-

Perhaps the greatest influence on a customer’s decision to buy is product positioning. It instills an image in the mind of your target customer about your startup and your product in relation to the available alternatives offered by the competition. Your positioning has to let the customer know what you do, and what your product does for them.

For consumer and small business products, product positioning and branding matter more than company positioning. In business markets, the opposite is true.