Indokonnect Services

Business Tours/ Delegation Services

Apart from helping our clients set up their operations in India, optimize their business or expand their enterprise further, we also offer a wide range of different services that may all facilitate and assist their efforts in settling in this market of limitless potential and opportunity. Let us help you with many day-to-day endeavours on your road to success.

Providing useful assistance on all of your business tours and delegations is yet another area you will find Indokonnect excels at. We do this through a multitude of services.

Clients/ Suppliers Meet

Scheduling and managing meetings with respective clients, suppliers and distributors.

Providing Office Space

Providing a temporary office with the necessary infrastructural and technological facilities, for meetings, conferences and product launches.

Visa Formalities

Many people venture abroad every year in search of new employment and better quality of life. Some go there to work temporarily and some apply for immigration. We at Indokonnect, help people fulfill their dreams.

We understand that the process of acquiring a visa, for any country which requires it, is quite time consuming and exhausting. Indokonnect, with its team of experienced professionals who are well acquainted with the necessary formalities, will help you maximize the chances of getting the visa you applied for. All our clients get personalized attention on the most correct and effective procedures. With the help of our experts’ advice, you will not only be able to avoid common mistakes caused by lack of experience or incomplete preparation, but also avoid any kind of delay.

Air Tickets

Booking airline tickets is yet another inconvenience our client might face amid all the work of establishing and expanding their business. Indokonnect’s team will gladly unburden the client of this as well. By taking care of all the necessary formalities and making sure your tickets are ready in a timely fashion, we save even more time for you. Last minute ticket procurement is also something we can get done for you if need be.

Factory Visits

If the client requires it, our team can conduct regular factory visits to monitor production. Inspecting the production and the quality of it often exacts time, thus it may prove profitable to have our team conduct these inspections instead.


Our guides are at your disposal to provide escort to tourist attractions, monuments, events or any other places of interest during sightseeing.

Hotel/ Taxi

Booking hotel rooms for you in accordance with the budget. We can also set up travel arrangements through taxi services, coaches, private cars and similar services.

Airport Transfer

We can arrange for a car to pick you up at the airport upon arrival. A sign board with our company name and your name is to be displayed to ensure smooth pickup. In case of the airplane delay due to unforeseen events, we will be waiting patiently at the airport until your arrival and take you to the hotel reserved. In addition, transportation is also arranged for your return. Our drivers are experienced and highly-qualified.

Conference Arrangements

Indokonnect has a team of professional conference managers to help you coordinate and manage various programs and events in India. We will work with you on programs of various durations. We have the resources and skills to make your event a highly polished presentation.

The following is the scope of services we provide:

• Program planning and development

• Comprehensive site research/property analysis

• Budget and fiscal services

• Hotel contract analysis and negotiation

• Discounted rental cars

• Conference group travel coordination

• On-site translation services

• Audio-visual production services

• Project management

• Client communications and registration

• Set up the web site for the conference