Indokonnect Services

Business Optimisation Services

We help our clients with designing an organizational structure most suitable for their needs, as well as plan for the resources required to execute their strategic plan through:
• Reorganization and reallocation of resources
• Recommending/hiring the best personnel for different roles and levels of expertise
• Recommend a training program to enhance the skills of existing employees
• Finding the right combination of on and off employee roles

Indian business performance and benchmarking: performance measures and reporting, benchmarking against competition, diagnosis of cost saving opportunities

Being deeply immersed and highly experienced in the Indian market helps us gain crucial insight and collect a huge variety of data that could prove very useful to our clients. Closely monitoring and measuring the performance of your enterprise, we provide thorough reports and give you hard facts on how your company is performing in the market. Being aware of your performance and understanding it properly is vital as we will benchmark your results against those of the competition and form effective strategies to either catch up or further surpass your competition. Furthermore, we will be on the lookout and constantly scanning for any opportunities to save money and resources and help you maximize your company’s profits.

Quality Assurance: Quality control services

Quality control in India will always pay itself back in the long run. It might come at a higher initial cost but it shows that you expect good quality. A good sample, but a bad shipment of a product, will mean a loss of lead time, stock problems, issues with your clients and in the worst case the loss of an entire order. Indokonnect has a dedicated team of Quality Management & Control specialists who are able to assist our clients with the sourcing of all types of technological equipment and manufacturing goods from India, which follow strict global standards and are in accordance with your own company’s quality control systems. Indokonnect is able to save a lot of time and resources for our clients as they do not need to send their own specialists to India.

Sales optimisation: Design and deployment of measures to increase profits

As part of sales optimisation services, we conduct preparation and implementation of individual measures for an increase in profits.

The successful sale of foreign products in India premises a detailed knowledge of the market and its participants. This means not only the common market data on potential growth rates, but also the knowledge of Indian market characteristics, such as the expectations of Indian customers, the business practices of Indian partners and competitors, decision-making processes in India as well as strengths and weaknesses of your own sales team or of the Indian sales partner.

Our experience with such projects has taught us that the number of foreign companies that do not attain the desired sales success in India is surprisingly high. Inefficient distribution structures, unreliable sales partners (i.e. sales employees), lack of transparency, lenient management or control and too much supervision work for the parent company – these seem to be the usual suspects.

By building an adequate local structure, talking to the real decision makers, cooperating with reliable distribution partners and checking your sales results efficiently, we’ll help you with the following:

• Mastering the Indian market and its framework conditions.

• Establish and maintain adequate access to relevant customers, intermediaries and partners.

• Identify, build and control the proper distribution structures for India.

• Putting your current sales organization to the test regularly and optimizing it accordingly.

Supplier Supervision and vendor management: Handling vendors, running sales offices on behalf of clients

This service entails monitoring and regular communication with the suppliers. We ensure transparency between the parent company or headquarters and the supplier, with the addition of implementing an early warning system.